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Haydn Bannister

Software Engineer

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Software Engineer with experience designing and developing Java web APIs, Javascript frontends, DevOps tools, cloud solutions, and virtual reality applications.

I’m a problem solver. I love taking things apart and seeing how they work and what I can improve, whether it’s software, a computer, or a motorbike. I spend most of my time either building things and tinkering with cars, or drinking coffee and listening to music (or all four at the same time).

I've just arrived in London, so if you know of any interesting opportunities coming up, flick me a message!

Recent Projects

1970s Suzuki GP125

This isn't exactly a software project, but I'm no less proud of it. I bought this rusty 1970s two-stroke Suzuki GP125 with a plan to replace the more obvious and easy parts and leave it at that. Fast forward a month or two, I may have gotten a bit carried away.

I ended up completely dismantling the entire bike, removing all the rust and repainting the entire frame, sandblasting all of the years of grime from the engine head and ports, re-wiring everything in sight, replacing parts left and right, and generally just spending far too much time and effort.

This was my first motorbike, until now I'd only ever worked on fixing up cars. And to be honest, I'm sold on motorbikes now. It was so simple to learn and do everything myself, things that would have taken ten times as long on a car. I'll have to sell it as I leave Aotearoa, but I'm already planning for the next project...

Work Experience

Software Engineer - Xerini (May 2020 - Present)

I'm currently working at Xerini working with things like geolocation tools, augmented reality apps, machine learning, and cloud engineering. We do some pretty cool stuff, check us out!

Associate Analyst Programmer - ANZ (November 2018 - March 2020)

While in ANZ New Zealand's Technology Transformation team I worked on:

  • Java Spring Boot microservices in Kubernetes
  • Ember.js front end, D3.js data visualisations
  • Unit, feature, and integration testing in Java, Groovy, and Python
  • Test and pipeline automation
  • Working in a Scrum team using DevOps principles

Software Developer - Datacom (November 2017 - March 2018)

During my internship with Datacom's MARS Innovations team, I worked on:

  • Virtual and augmented reality tools and data visualisations in Unity3D using C#
  • Ruby on Rails web applications
  • Intelligent Agents in simulations
  • Helping to organise and run a week long virtual reality workshop for highschool students to encourage women to consider a career in tech

IT Systems Coordinator - Project Plus Limited (February 2017 - November 2017)

As IT Systems Coordinator at Project Plus I was involved with:

  • Modifications and updates of Project Plus's Website
  • Maintaining, coordinating, updating, troubleshooting, IT Systems
  • Training others in the use of IT Systems
  • Development, design, and formatting, of project management course material

Administrative Assistant - Project Plus Limited (June 2016 - February 2017)

While an Admin Assistant at Project Plus I was responsible for:

  • Formatting CV's for our project management contractors
  • Organising and ordering an office-wide furniture re-fit
  • Designing dynamic budget calculator and cost analysis tools in excel
  • In-house IT and systems support
  • Re-designing and updating content for workshops and courses

Delivery Driver - Bedpost Wellington (May 2015 - August 2016)

  • Customer service
  • Ensuring deliveries are performed correctly and on time
  • Organizing delivery schedules
  • CBD and highway driving

Cook - The Little Waffle Shop (January 2016 - June 2016)

My shifts at the waffle shop were completely unsupervised, involving:

  • Cash handling
  • Daily reports and administration
  • Customer service

Bartender, Cook - Golden Bear Brewing Company (October 2014 - February 2015)

I worked as a bartender and cook at the Golden Bear during the busy summer periods.

Sales Assistant - Mapua Four Square Supermarket (October 2012 - October 2014)

While in High School I worked part time here as a sales assistant, and worked full time over the summers and breaks.